What is a Master Plumber?

What is a master Plumber

Have you’ve been wondering what master plumber essentially means? If you’re looking for answers to this question, you’re on the right page. Some of the basic information you will get include training, testing, licensing, and certification requirements to become a master plumber.

A master plumber is a licensed professional with experience, skills, and expertise level higher than an average plumber. This individual has completed college training programs or apprenticeships related to plumbing. However, the master title is normally earned through on-the-job training experience.

Plumber vs. Master Plumber

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 Although some people use them interchangeably, there is a big difference between a regular plumber and a master plumber. The main factors that differentiate these two are licensing. The biggest difference is that a master plumber usually have a wider experience and knowledge in more complex subjects such as business management than a typical plumber. The regular plumber only focuses on basic plumbing projects.

Skills Required for Master Plumbers

 The essential skills needed to achieve master plumber title include the following:

  • Fixing blockages and other plumbing repair skills.
  • Installing fixtures and pipes according to code.
  • Ability to work on various plumbing systems.
  • Planning and developing of plumbing construction.
  • Retrofitting and other fitting needs in homes and commercial establishments.
  • Resolving issues on aesthetics and environmental efficiency.
  • Managing the plumbing business and client requirements.

You can effectively acquire these skills through apprenticeships or on-the-job training programs. However, you can also take vocational courses that are related to plumbing. Apprentice plumbers and trainees usually work with a supervisor or someone who has professional experience in plumbing. An experienced plumber offer tips to help trainees become skilled plumbers.

Master Plumber’s Licensing

A Master Plumber Certificate from the USA & Canada is normally required. You may continue your education and other requirements to keep up to date with the relevant skills required to deliver advanced plumbing projects.

The examination basically covers different subjects, so expect the questions to tackle building codes, plumbing challenges, and other related topics. More complicated topics may include obligations, discussing contracts, and business law. These questions are formulated to ensure passers really qualify and fit the job.

Bottom Line

 Master plumbers are expected to understand how to use blueprints as well as other related tools to repair, install, service, and maintain residential or commercial plumbing systems. In addition, they may also be assigned in fixing waste systems, potable water systems, gas, and even drainage.

Some of the most common tasks include installing appliances and fixtures in bathrooms. A master plumber also work on sketching blueprints and planning service systems. While union memberships are common for plumbers, they may also work for government entities, contractors, or as self-employed. Since this job is project-based, opportunities and income may fluctuate substantially.


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