Finding the Right Plumbing Contractors in Trinidad and Tobago

Finding the Right Plumbing Contractors in Trinidad and Tobago

Plumbing problems can happen to anyone—especially if you live in an older home. You will need to hire duly licensed plumbing contractors in Trinidad and Tobago if you want the best results.

More than Just a Run off the Mill Plumber

A professional plumber in Trinidad and Tobago is more than just some guy who can fix your sink. They are called Licensed Sanitary Constructors or LSCs. The job title indicates a much wider encompassing role.

A licensed plumbing contractor has the necessary skills to plan and construct an entirely new outhouse and other similar structures. They can assist you with the planning of these home improvements and other projects. Think of them as actual engineers but only dedicated to plumbing.

Certification and Licensing

The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) is the designated governing body in the country with regards to plumbing and sanitation. This agency is responsible for licensing plumbing contractors in Trinidad and Tobago.

WASA is also the regulatory body of all the plumbing companies in the country. They enforce the National Plumbing Code and ensure that all projects are up to standard.

How to Find the Right Plumbing Contractor

How to Price Plumbing for New House

The following are some very useful tips for finding plumbing contractors in Trinidad and Tobago. Remember that not all Licensed Sanitary Constructors can provide you the same quality of service:

  • Ask for referrals: one of the easiest ways to find a good plumbing contractor is to ask around. Your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers may have hired a good plumber sometime in the past. They may be able to refer a reliable and efficient plumber.
  • Ask who their previous customers were: another good source of information is the internet. You will find a lot of plumbing contractors listed online. They may even have their own websites. When you contact them, ask who their previous customers were. Call those customers and find out how the service was.
  • Never call or contract with the first plumber you find: it is always a good idea to compare one contractor to another. Some LSCs or plumbing companies may offer deals and discounts.
  • Look for plumbing contractors before an emergency arises: as the adage goes—prevention is better than finding a cure. Even if you don’t have a plumbing emergency at the moment, make sure to find the best plumber beforehand. That way, when an emergency does come along, you already have an LSC to call.
  • Make a price comparison: you don’t want to find just a cheap plumbing company. What you’re looking for is reliability and quality work for a reasonable price. Any plumbing service that is either too cheap or too expensive is not always the best. If a plumbing contractor in Trinidad can offer you quality materials for repairs and replacement at a price that is within your budget then that is already a good offer.

What to Ask When You Call

Here are a few important questions to ask when you contact plumbing contractors in Trinidad and Tobago. Compare the answers that different contractors and LSCs will give you:

  • Do you guarantee your work?
  • Do you specialize in installations or maintenance services?
  • Does this project require a permit? (test if they really know regulations)
  • How long will it take to complete this project? (important if you’re constructing an outhouse or some other installation or fixture)
  • Do you have insurance?
  • Have you done this type of project before?

The good news is that there are plenty of plumbing contractors in Trinidad and Tobago. Choose the one that offers you professional, reliable, and efficient service.

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