How Old Do You Have to Be to Become a Plumber (Trinidad and Tobago)

How Old Do You Have to Be to Become a Plumber (Trinidad and Tobago)

In Trinidad and Tobago, plumbing is not highly regulated. In America it a different story as many states require licensing for master plumbers and even journeymen. However, examinations and licensing requirements depend on every state. Aside from completing a practical training or a related degree, you need  to obey the rules before you can work as a plumber or operate a plumbing business in your area. I thought I’ll give you some information about the states and how its viewed in Trinidad.

Gathering all relevant information before pursuing a career in the plumbing industry can help you narrow down important requirements. For instance, you need to be at the right age to become a plumber. So, how old do you have to be to become a plumber?

In Trinidad and Tobago its around the age of 21 years old.

How to Become a Plumber in Trinidad and Tobago

Roadmap to Becoming a Plumber

 Many exciting opportunities and solid growth await you if you choose to become a plumber. Prospective plumbers, for instance, can take advantage of higher hourly rates in specific states, especially if they hold the master title. On the other hand, becoming a plumber is not an easy feat.

How long it takes to be a plumber depends on the kind of career you want to build up. There are several good options to help you jumpstart your career and achieve your goals. The following are some of the most common options to make sure you’re on the right track to becoming a plumber:

  • Explore apprenticeships and trade schools. The primary certification can be earned in Trinidad and Tobago via servoltt, ytepp, sbcsm, ctscollege. In the states, if you’ve earned GED or a high school graduate are plumbing apprenticeship and trade school. Apprenticeships take up to 5 years, it depends on which program you enroll in. Plumbing training, on the other hand, only takes up to 2 years at trade schools.
  • Become a journeyman plumber. In this option, you just need to present an industry experience along with your education. Requirements may vary depending on your state, but most areas need at least 5 years of experience. With enough experience, you can apply for the certification test or journeyman licensing examination.
  • Become a Master Plumber. Before you can apply as a master plumber, you need at least 2 years experience being a journeyman plumber. Some states would require 10 years experience in plumbing. With more opportunities as a master plumber, you also need to manage more responsibilities such as maintaining a liability insurance.
Age Requirements for Plumbers in Different States

Iowa                             –                18 years old (Apprentice)

Maryland                     –                16 years old (Apprentice)

Massachusetts          –                16 years old (Apprentice)

Michigan                     –                18 years old (Journeyman)

New Hampshire         –                16 years old (Apprentice)

18 years old (Journeyman)

New Jersey                 –               21 years old (Master)

North Dakota              –               18 years old (Apprentice)

21 years old (Master)

Oklahoma                    –              18 years old (Journeyman)

Other states focus on the hours of experience instead of age limit for plumber applicants. The more experience you have, the better chances you have to become a master plumber. Always remember that every state has different requirements, but experience is the most important factor to be considered in the industry.

Long-Term Career Expectations for Plumbers

 If you’re a journeyman plumber, you can continue your plumbing education to improve your skills and acquire specialties in your field. Oftentimes, continuing education can be accessed through your union. While gaining additional training and experience, you can also earn licensing requirements as specialty plumber or master plumber.

As a starting plumber, you may be asked to work with a master plumber or someone who is more experienced than you. You may also continue working with the master plumber you worked with as an apprentice. And if you want to explore more opportunities, you can refer to local job boards or classified ads when finding a contract or permanent work.

The thing is, when you start your plumbing career at an early age, you can develop your skills even more while acquiring new knowledge to level up your experience and qualifications. There are so many ways to build your career, apprenticeship program is one of them. Contact your union if you don’t know where to start.

Wrapping It Up

 The amount of time you are going to spend in earning a plumbing specialty or license depends on your experience and age. The earlier you start your plumbing journey, the more opportunities you can explore. Over time, you can gather more knowledge and skills that you get you to the master plumber status.

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